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About Us

Purchasing our current property of 200 acres on the Yass River, allowed for a farming lifestyle change and ultimately the longed for a couple of alpacas we had always wanted.

Never wanting to wait for anything; even before the move from Bungendore we purchased 8 alpacas which we left on agistment for a year.
We used this time to learn as much as we could from Julie at Oak Grove Alpacas about the breed & alpaca management.

Shortly after moving to the property, the alpacas arrived home and before we knew it things started to get exciting as our first cria was born - all this and only a few months after we settled in.

Again thinking forward, thoughts went to Stud Males and before we knew it we had two of those too.
We have aimed to purchase males that have complimentary fleece styles and can bring to our herd of girls positive attributes.

Not being idol; Weekends have been spent learning about showing, fleece styles, conformation, farm setups, animal husbandry and lots of fun networking.

Along the way some more girls joined the growing numbers, always with an eye for a special one or a bargain.

More recently we have formed a relationship with Gold Leaf Alpacas from W.A and purchased a rather large group of girls (many of whom are pregnant) along with a couple of special little boys to add to the family.

So we went from 8 alpacas up to 70 within a year!!!

Currently we are waiting on our new shed to be built prior to shearing to allow for the fast growth of our alpaca farm.

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